Multiple RTSP sources with different FPS

Hello to all,
I am using a deepstream pipeline (using python) connecting to multiple RTSP sources, everything works like a charm once the sources have the same FPS, but once the FPS is changed, the higher fps cameras begin to drop.

How can I fix that issue? I have worked with several parameters like “sync-inputs”, “batched-push-timeout” and more but didn’t find any solution (yet).

Tried to add videorate element , no success

Hardware: XAVIER AGX
SDK : Deepstram 6.0

Has anyone experienced this problem?
I would greatly appreciate the help.

Thank you

Hi, there
I see that no one is answering so i will write my solution, which maybe one day help somebody (or not ) , anyway, i have added a “videorate” element to the existing pipeline (after uridocebin and before streamux ), this way, i have ensure that all sources will work with same fps and no source will drop frames or create delay


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