My SPI GPIO of jetson nano is different with others

Hello, I have a mess.
Why my SPI_MISO is in pin 19. But usually It should in pin 21.

Follow is mine.

Hi lululu991129,

Are you using the devkit or custom board for Jetson Nano?
What’s your Jetpack version in use?

I’ve check our spec and SPI0_MISO(din) should be at PIN21 of 40-pin expansion header

PIN19 is SPI0_MOSI(dout).

Why you said SPI_MISO is PIN19?

Hi KevinFFF,
Because as follow picture shows, my pin19 is spi1_dout. Does it mean spi_miso?

No, it means SPI_MOSI.

The input/output here is in the perspective of SPI master.
So the relation is like the following:
din → input → MISO
dout → output → MOSI

Oh, I see. Thank you so much.