Jetson Nano Physical Pinout vs. GPIO List

I’m completely lost in the domain of Pinout Management of the Jetson Nano.

There is the Jetson Nano Datasheet here: Jetson Nano Datasheet
Page 39 summarizes the complete Pinout.
My Example:

  • SPI1_CS0 is on Pin 110 and
  • SPI1_CS1 is on Pin 112

I wanted to use these two ports for switching a LED (output) on off with a trigger (input).

When I printout the gpio definition: sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/gpio

I find these two ports as
gpio-15 (SPI1_CS0 )
gpio-232 (SPI1_CS1 )

But this number gpio-15 and gpio-232 have nothing in common with the Pinout of the Jetson Nano Datasheet? How are they related? How do I know which Nano-IO port corresponds to which gpio?

with the help of the image below, i was able to determine that SPI2-CS0 & SPI2-CS1 (Names changed??) corresponds to Linux gpio-15 -> BCM 24 and gpio-232 -> BCM 23.

But I’m lost to do this for all the other ports. Could you please shed some light on this topic?

hello silvan.widmer,

please access Nano pinmux spreadsheets from download center; you might found the corresponding of the signal name and ball names.
please also check Jetson Nano Platform Adaptation and Bring-Up Guide, refer to [Pinmux Changes] for more details.