I am designing the carrier board for the Jetson Nano but I have some trouble knowing wich are the GPIOs 16 and GPIO 18.
I have seen that in the Jetson Nano Developer Kit, the 16th pin´s name is SPI_2_CS1 and the 18th pin´s SPI_2_CS0. Can someone, please, tell me wich are the equivalents of those in the Jetson Nano?
I can not find those in the Developr kit´s schematics.

Thank you.

Hi, can you share in which doc you see the GPIO 16 and 18? They are not in pinmux and SCH.

I am now using the 16th and 18th pins of the J41 connector in the Jetson Nano Developer Kit to connect a camera. Those pins signals are named SPI_2_CS1 and SPI_2_CS0 respectively.

But now I can not find these names in any of the carrier board´s schema.

I am sorry if I am not clear enough, I do not how to attach an image.
Thank you.

That are SPI1_CS1_LS and SPI1_CS0_LS in current schematic(B01), you can check OEM DG in DLC for more info.

Thank you:)