Jetson Nano GPIO mapping in datasheet v0.8


i am building a custom carrier board for the jetson nano at the moment and stumbled across some oddities in the datasheet:

  • on page 20 the GPIO01 is mapped to pin 189 which seems to be wrong as all the other documentation places it at pin 118. Could you correts this?
  • GPIO01 and GPIO11 are marked as camera Master Clocks, but I dont really get for which interface. CAM1 (also called Camera 2 on p29) already has a separate MCLK. Furthermore it might be more conveniant if they were also listed in the CSI chapter.
  • pin 210 is marked as CLK_32K_OUT, but not further described anythere. On the devkit it is connected to the M.2 interface, what is this signal used for?

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hello tobias.schwering,

  1. thanks for point-out the documentation erroneous, we’ll check this internally for correction.
  2. you may also access Jetson Nano Pinmux for checking GPIO01 and GPIO11.
  3. please also check Nano pinmux spreadsheet for GPIO10 descriptions.

Hi JerryChang,

thanks a lot for the hint to the pinmux, I did not know of its existance so far :D. But unfortunately I could ot find any reference to pin 210 there. Furthermore Both GPIO01 and 11 are both called Camera MCLK #3, are they not used for 2 different camera interfaces?

Hi tobias,

  1. GPIO01 should be pin 118 in datasheet. We will correct this information soon.
  2. GPIO01 and GPIO11 are GPIO pins on 40-pin header (pin 29, pin 31)
  3. Pin 210 is going to M.2 key as a suspend clock to enter M.2 device into power saving mode

Do you need any more info? Let me know.


Hi Shgarg,

thanks for the answer, the questions 1 and 3 are solved now I think. But I am still wondering how to connect the MCLK of the third and fourth camera, are these the alternate functions of the GPIOs 01 and 11 or is it possible to connect multiple camera MCLKs to one pin of the Jetson Nano?

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There is no 3rd and 4th camera MCLK lines. I see only 2 camera lines. These are not alternate functionality for GPIO01 and GPIO11.


Hi shgarg,

On page 17 of the Jetson Nano Datasheet v1.0 these are given as Alternative Functions of the said GPIOs. Is this an error in the datasheet?

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