Jetson NANO control compute module pins


I have been checking jetson nano compute module datasheet i found in documentation here on nvidia pages,
right now i can control 22 pins that are also on J41 header using python library Jetson.GPIO link here

I need to be able write 1 or 0 on specific pins and i need more than those 22 available in Jetson.GPIO library.

This compute module (i am using it without devkit) has more than 200 pins in total, is it possible to somehow control more than those gpio from Jetpack OS?
or could you at least point me to some documentation with some examples how to change any specific pin (for example pin for FAN control, or pin for HDMI, etc…) that i am not using to 0 or 1 value ?

Thank you!

hello lubos.liptak,

you may access pinmux spreadsheets for checking the default pin configurations.
please see-also developer guide Pinmux Changes session to change the pinmux configuration applied by the software.

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