namelist containing pointers

it says in your current fortran reference guide (pgifortref.pdf from your website, page 35) that
"A pointer-based variable […] may not appear in a NAMELIST"
and indeed when I try with pgfortran (our latest version on site, 14.4), I get the
following error : S108 Illegal variable, $, in NAMELIST group $ which is consistent.
This was the case with older standards, however, my understanding of F03 is that this constraint has been relaxed?
I certainly can’t find a mention of it in the standard, in any case.
Could someone tell me if I’m misunderstanding the standard, or whether this is a bug in 14.4 which has since been corrected?

Olivier Marsden

Hi Olivier,

We believe that you are correct in that this restriction should have be relaxed with the F2003 standard. I’ve added a problem report, TPR#21310, and sent it to engineering for further investigation.

Best Regards,

Hi Mat,
thanks for the feedback.

Hi Oliver,

Engineering let me know that we do support pointer variables in a namelist, though the reference guide wasn’t updated. They’ll get that fixed.

Would you mind sending PGI Customer Service ( a reproducing example? We’re not sure if this is a bug with pointers in namelists, or is something else triggering your error.


TPR 21310 - UF: compiler not allowing pointer-based variable in namelist. Should be allowed in F2003
has been fixed in the 15.5 release.