namelist usage fails

I am porting a number of FORTRAN 77 programs and shell scripts from Solaris to Linux. Under Solaris, using both Sun FORTRAN and Gnu’s g77, the code compiled and ran with no problem. Under Linux, using pgf77, my code that uses namelists - fails. I have looked at the manuals online and I see nothing different from what I currently have. The manual does have an example of a namelist (which looks just like mine) but there is no i/o example that uses a namelist.

Has anyone else had a problem with using namelists and if someone has been successful, will you provide a working example?

Thanks …Pete

Hi Pete,

Could you post an example of the error statement your getting or send a test case to so we can recreate the problem here? While name list should work, it is possible you have encountered a bug. Also, could you post which version of the compiler your working with? (run “pgf77 -V”)