Nano 2GB: Demos not working over VNC


Can’t launch demos over VNC:

I guess this is related to a bad configuration; probably related to: 640x480 for VNC. offer more choices?

Note that these demos were working over HDMI connected to a 4K TV.

To reproduce:

  • start Jetson Nano 2GB in headless mode
  • VNC to it (I used Screen Sharing app on macOS)
  • try running demos

Let me know if you can reproduce this.

This setup, headless Nano 2gb with LXDE over VNC will proably be used by a lot of people, please NVIDIA, make it work easily and document it in Nano’s docs.

Thank you


The configuration instructions of headless vnc setup is in README-vnc.txt when you connect the micro usb cable to host.

But I am not sure whether EGL can work fine on headless case vnc. Let me check this on my side.


It seems only Visionworks has this issue. I ran other samples with egl render and it can work.

Please try to use Deepstream SDK + VNC.