Nano devkit mac

The MAC address of several nano development kits is the same, is it a hardware problem or a software problem

No, that is not normal. If you see all devices have mac “00:00:00:00:00:01”, please try the tool in this link.

Why is it abnormal? What is the reason for this phenomenon

The mac address fused in the device has some problem so need the tool to update.

It’s OK for the customer to buy another one. Is this a problem of probability? Can we only use the patch to fix it on the package? At present, we find that nano has this problem, and other packages have this bug

My previous comment has the tool/patch to fix this issue…

dedge@dedge-desktop:~$ sudo ./
MAC address is 00:04:4b:eb:ce:ad
dedge@dedge-desktop:~$ cat /sys/class/net/eth0/address

Did you already run nano_update_2598410 tool?

Not running

Then please run it…

Just run or not updated, do you want to restart

Do a coldboot (plug out the power cable and replug it) after you run the script.

  1. Show me your boot log from uart please.

  2. Have you tried the cold boot after running the tool?

Thank you. It’s OK after cold start

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