Nano quit - here are the error messages WHAT HAPPENED HERE?

James Noon
11:45 AM (3 minutes ago)
to me

jpnoon@jpnoon-desktop: -$ python3

Known faces loaded from disk.

GST_ARGUS: Creating output stream

CONSUMER: Waiting until producer is connected…

GST_ARGUS: Available Sensor modes :

Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Hi jpnoon2, the Argus camera daemon is unable to connect to a MIPI CSI camera. Do you have a MIPI CSI camera, like the IMX219 Raspberry Pi Camera Module v2 attached to your Nano? If so, try running the ‘nvgstcapture’ program to see if you can view the feed.

If you don’t have a MIPI CSI camera connected, it would seem the script expects to use one - so either attach one, or configure the script to use a USB webcam (i.e. through V4L2).

Hi dusty_nv,

Thanks for your input.

(from a previous message) The reason for the core dump was I had 2 cameras installed at the same time (by mistake…I wasn’t trying to load twice as many images).