NAT with Cumulus

Hello Guys

Have a switch Mellanox and need to know if is possible this configuration.

The Datacenter assign a segment of six public IP Address a I need to connect directly to port swp1 and assign a IP public.

  • interface swp1
  • address
  • gateway

In the switch create vlan 50 in L3 con segment 192.168.50.x/29 and from port swp2 to swp5 and 4 servers were connected and assigned IP of VLAN 50.

Now need to know if is possible create a NAT where permit access to Internet (Specified ports) of the segment

  • interface vlan50
  • address
  • vlan-id 50
  • vlan-raw-device bridge

In the port I assign in access mode the vlan 50

  • interface swp2
  • bridge-access 50
  • interface swp3
  • bridge-access 50
  • interface swp3
  • bridge-access 50
  • interface swp4
  • bridge-access 50

I need is to see if with a NAT rule indicate that everything that comes from the segment goes through the public IP assigned to port swp1

If possible how should i configure a rule on the switch?

Thanks for your comments.

Hi Santunex,

Please open a support case, this requires a detailed review.

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