NAVAPI - which API to query the SystemTopology info in the NVIDIA Control Panel

We would like to use the NAVAPI to query the data that is reflected in the SystemTopology section from the NVIDIA Control Panel.

Specifically, we need to discover which ports have DLP projectors connected as in the following image:

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Dear @jay65

Thank you for contacting NVIDIA developer forum.
Our technical team has received your query and we will get back to you after initial analysis.

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Hello @jay65

Our team has informed that currently there is no support available in NVAPI SDK to get the names of the connected monitors. However, we have noted your request for future planning.
We can suggest you an alternate approach using Microsoft API. Please consider the instructions below only as a guidance and not an exhaustive writeup. Check MSDN for more details of the Microsoft API.

Assuming that you already have familiarity with writing an NvAPI app, you can use the following sequence of APIs:

  1. Use NvAPI_GPU_GetConnectedDisplayIds to get the DisplayIDs of the connected monitors.
  2. With each DisplayId, call NvAPI_Disp_GetDisplayIdInfo API to get the AdapterId and TargetId.
  3. Using the AdapterId and TargetId for the monitor of interest, call the OS API DisplayConfigGetDeviceInfo().
    • The monitorFriendlyDeviceName member in the DISPLAYCONFIG_TARGET_DEVICE_NAME struct will give you the monitor name.

Thank you.
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