Is there a API to Advanced Optimus?

Hello, I want to know if is it possible to change display mode on Advanced Optimus by using the NVIDIA API. I wasn’t able to find anything about this, so the only way to change between dGPU and iGPU is by using the tray/control panel. Is there an exposed API to do this? If not, are there any plans on doing so?

And another question? How do I get access to the NVAPI NDA? I remember last month I was able to download it from the website, but now I can’t find any download link.

Dear @thiagomota510

Thank you for contacting the NVIDIA Developer Forum. Our team has informed that currently the functionality is provided only through the Nvidia Control Panel and there are no plans to provide this functionality through the NVAPI SDK.

Thank you.
NVAPI Forum Moderator