NCCL Version

I have met a problem,my nccl version on my linux system is 2.10.3。I have tried to change the version to 2.9.9,and in the nccl.h,I have confirmed that its version is 2.9.9 too。 But when I print(torch.cuda.nccl.version),It still shows its version is 2.10.3。 I feel very confused,Help me,Thank you!

torch will use (or expects to use) the version of NCCL that it was compiled against. Changing the NCCL library on your machine won’t affect this. If you want to use NCCL version 2.9.9 with torch, you’ll either need to find a torch version that has already been built against the NCCL version you want, or you’ll need to build torch yourself.

NVIDIA doesn’t develop, maintain, or support pytorch. I recommend asking your torch questions on the pytorch forum.