Need good performing driver for ConnectX 3 with RHEL 7.8 (with latest patches).

I am working on a development machine that uses a ConnectX 3 card. The machine is currently running RHEL 7.6 (without patches). We are at a point where we need to update the machine to the latest RHEL 7.8 patched versions and push it into production. When I just update the machine, the current installed driver (4.6- will no longer load. The built in RHEL driver doesn’t supply the same performance and we need that performance in order to run in real time. The system is highly tuned to pull a large data flow off the NIC and process it.

The only driver that I have been able to get to work with the patched RHEL 7.8 is the 4.9- driver. The regular installer won’t work and I have to download the MLNX_EN_SRC version and go through that to get a driver installed due to kernel incompatibility. I believe the driver to be the issue, because back on RHEL 7.6, I have tried installing 4.9- and it changes performance by the same amount of performance I am missing in 7.8. Further, I went back and installed the 4.6 driver exactly like I am installing the 4.9 driver and the performance is fine.

It appears that there were some kind of changes in the 4.9 driver that have caused performance to degrade. Is there any documentation out there that might point to any changes that could help me gain that performance back? Note that we have already gone back through all the performance tuning options and ensure that those configurations are still intact (sysctl tuning, IRQ isolation, etc.).

Hi Joshua,

I suggest to open a support case at for further debug.

By the way what is the expected performance result you get with ConnectX-3 EN ?