ConnectX-3 EN Driver for Windows 7?

I am trying to use the ConnectX-3 to a Windows 7 computer and having some issues getting any drivers to work. Coming up as

This device cannot start. (Code 10)

Anyone know the latest driver that will install right on Windows 7? Even an inf over an installer would be welcome.

Only one oddly even though some newer ones say they are for Windows 7 was the driver which is probably super old.

Hello me. So I figured out how to get a newer one that said Windows 7 installed. There is a KB in Windows for a patch with SHA2 that it fails to detect and is installed so followed the install commands to override it. So that’s great. Now my intel nic no longer works. If I click on the IPV4 on it and says the device is not installed. Try setting the IP info for the ConnectX-3 and it sets but then when i go back in they are set to DHCP but have a static IP.

Hello John,

Thank you for posting your inquiry on the NVIDIA Networking Community.

The last driver version which supports ConnectX-3 and Windows Client 7 is version 5.35.

You can download this version through the following direct download link →

Be aware the ConnectX-3 EN is EOL and EOS for awhile now, support is very limited to none.

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