WinOF 5.35/Win7 requires Windows Update that won't install

I’m trying to install a ConnectX3 VPI card (MCX353A-TCBT) in a Windows 7 Pro client. I’ve updated the firmware to the latest version (2.40.5030).

However, when I attempt to run the installer for WinOF 5.35, I get an error that Windows KB2999226 is not installed. I downloaded the installer for that update from Microsoft, but it won’t install on our machine, giving me an error that “The Update is not applicable to this computer.” So, I’m stuck in some kind of loop here.

I tried installing WinOF 5.22 and was able to get further into the process. no complaints about Windows KB2999226 but it failed installing, telling me that the process was interrupted.

Is there a driver for this card that is known to install properly on Windows 7 Pro? This machine is completely up to date with Windows updates, and the firmware update went smoothly, so I really don’t know what the issue might be.

Here’s a link to the two log files for the two WinOF versions I’ve tried to install.


I was able to get 5.10 installed.

On our other machines, using slightly different ConnectX-3 cards (OEM versions), we had a similar problem, where we couldn’t install the latest versions of the driver, but could install 5.10. I mean, they’re working fine, but isn’t this an issue? We’re now seeing it on there different Windows 7 machines (two Ultimate, one Pro), with two different ConnectX models.

Ok, so someone marked this answer as “correct” – but it’s not an answer.

Can you run the latest drivers on this card in Windows 7 or not?

Almost same problem.

I have ConnectX-3 Pro card, windows 7 prof. x64. downloaded driver:

Installer fail with error that 3033929 update not installed. But it’s not truth. I have this update (I have all of them). I tried to install 3033929 manually, but it’s said that already installed.

I think, I have not directly 3033929, but some of convenience roll-up updates, that include 3033929.

What can I do to install drivers? May be installer have some switches to skip this check?