Failed to install WinOF 5_50_52000 package on Windows 10 workstation version 1903

I was trying to install WinOF 5_50 driver for my ConnectX 354 VPI adapter on Windows 10 workstation 1903. I downloaded the software package named “MLNX_VPI_WinOF-5_50_52000_All_win2019_x64.exe” and double-clicked to install.

Almost at the very end of the installation, the process stopped and reverted what it has installed in the system and prompted “The installation was interrupted” and the installation process failed.

I attached the logs here and hope if anyone could answer. Thanks.

MLNX_WinOF.log (1.14 MB)

Basically, if you’ll have a close look at the Release_Note document - you can see that the WinOF driver v5.50.5200 supports only Win10 clients 1607 & 1809

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Windows 10 1903 is not supported.

By " not supported" I mean it was not tested, thus not validated or certified. Win10 1903 is quiet a new Microsoft release so I guess it will be supported in one of the near future WinOF driver release

As for the the log: it is printing “Property(S): MT_PERFCHECKERROR” which may indicate failing to pick up the PSID (adapter identifier) of the network nic you use which results failing to install/upgrade the proper firmware on the adapter (is it a ConnectX-3 Mellanox adapter?)

Try removing the “upgrade the HCA’s firmware” option during the driver installing via MLNX_VPI Installshield wizard, but as I indicated above - the Win10 1903 is not supported anyway in v5.50.5200

Hi, @Avi Appel​

Thanks for your answer. I am using Mellanox connectx 3 pro CX312B adapter during the installation process. I installed Windows 1809 on another hard-drive and the WinOF installation succeeds. I hope 1903 support comes soon :-)