Need help with trans-coding video using Nvidia SDK

I am working on the project where I need to convert video to lower frame rate and possibly lower resolution to archive Video Surveillance footage. I am working on the proof of concept now. I need help with following;

  1. Analyse videos I am working with
  2. Recommend the best hardware for transcoding. By best, I mean the most cost effecting
  3. Test performance of transcoding using various output option to determine the speed of transcoding under various conditions

Let me know if interested in the project:

You may not get useful replies as it is not clear what you are seeking. Are you looking to hire a consultant on these matters? Why not just ask your detailed questions here? For example, “Analyse videos” is quite vague so it’s hard to give you help on it.

Yes, I am looking to hire a consultant.

ping me on linkedIn: Michael Ivanov (Israel)