What are the system requirements when videos decoding?

I want to know system requirements when several videos decoding.

The conditions are follows.

  • video : h264 hd 50 channels + fhd 4 channels.
  • os : centos 7
  • Video_Codec_SDK_9
  • rtx 2060 or rtx 2070 or gtx 1660ti ( turing )

Please recommand cpu, ram, graphic card.
Or is it possiable or not?

Thank you.

You may want to refer to https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-video-codec-sdk and
NVDEC application note from the latest SDK package to get some idea about the video decode performance.

Thank you for reply.

I refered to that page but cannot find detail documents about NVDEC.

Threre are decode throughput charts, but no test environment.

Is there more detail documents?