NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth0 (r8168) error on Orin NX with Xavier module

HW: Jetson Orin NX with Xavier carrier board
SW: Tried on Jetpack 5.1.1 with 8.052.01 r8168 driver update and Jetpack 5.1.2

Error Message from dmsg:

kern.log (240.9 KB)


Any ideas about the next step is appreciated, thanks

What does that mean Orin NX with Xavier module?

Orin NX core board works with carrier board which designed for Xavier NX

Please say Orin NX module+ Xavier NX carrier board next time…

Do you have Orin Nano devkit that can reproduce this issue?

got it, thanks.

We don’t have Orin Nano devkit. But we have Orin NX devkit, and we didn’t reproduced this issue with two days test.
On Orin NX module + our redesigned Xavier NX carrier board (only connect power and one ethernet) , we can not reproduce this issue too.
On Orin NX module + our redesigned Xavier NX carrier board (integrated into our product, connected D450 and TOF, two ethernet port) , we reproduced this issue. It occurs every few hours, each lasting for a few seconds, and then recovers on its own.

Orin Nano devkit is same as Orin NX devkit.

Could you give any suggestion about this case?

Please try to give us a method to reproduce this issue on devkit.

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