New drivers

178.08 for Windows XP and 177.73 for Linux include the watchdog timer fix for XP and cudaMalloc fixes for all platforms. Please leave feedback in the appropriate threads.

Considering the consternation this has caused some people, wanted to make sure that everyone saw the threads.

Let me be the first one to say “thank you”. This is appreciated.

What exactly do you mean by the watchdog timer fix? All watchdogs are removed? Watchdogs on adapters not connected to displays are removed?

The latter. Watchdogs for display cards are still (as far as I’m concerned) correct behavior because it prevents a rogue CUDA kernel from hanging your machine.

Then I would like to request an interface to kill a rogue CUDA kernel on a non-display device as well, as that also requires a reboot to fix.

:) Yeah, we need that. CTRL+C OR Closing the app from task-manager will work?

Should work on Windows. It SHOULD work on Linux, but I won’t swear to that (because I had seen some strange behavior with GT200 sometimes, not sure where that stands). However, my point was specifically Windows with a single display and no remote connectivity a la sshd.

What does “a la sshd” mean? -----> “except sshd”???

such as sshd.