New laptop GPU TDP stuck at lower power levels

Hello, I have a new Lenovo Legion 5 Pro laptop with some problems. The problem is whichever thermal mode im on my GPU is stuck at 80 Watts TDP. My laptop 130 Watt capable at Performance mode. When i try to change the TDP using nvidia-smi i get an error about my GPU doesnt support TDP change by nvidia software. I bought this laptop only to use Linux only and im very sad about my purchase. Please help me find a way to change GPU TDP to performance levels of my laptop. This laptop has 3 levels of thermal modes named silent balanced and performance you can change modes usinf fn+q shortcut, on Linux doing so only changes CPU TDP to related levels but no matter what thermal mode im on GPU is always stuck at 80 Watts. Please Developers!

Same issue.

Try run the command
nvidia-smi -i 0 -q -d POWER

which values are listed ?

nvidia-smi -i 0 -q -d POWER

==============NVSMI LOG==============

Timestamp : Mon Oct 18 04:36:32 2021
Driver Version : 495.29.05
CUDA Version : 11.5

Attached GPUs : 1
GPU 00000000:01:00.0
Power Readings
Power Management : N/A
Power Draw : 12.68 W
Power Limit : N/A
Default Power Limit : N/A
Enforced Power Limit : N/A
Min Power Limit : N/A
Max Power Limit : N/A
Power Samples
Duration : Not Found
Number of Samples : Not Found
Max : Not Found
Min : Not Found
Avg : Not Found