New question about the use of ‘’ dynamic library interface

In the process of using the nvds_obj_enc_process interface, the following two problems have occurred.
(1)This interface does not provide parameters for setting image coding quality。I once mentioned a topic to solve this problem(Three questions about the use of ‘’ dynamic library interface - #10 by DaneLLL),and got a new dynamic library. But this dynamic library relies on, my project code relies on, there will be a problem as shown in the link below.

(2)When using this interface for multi batch coding, coding area errors will occur.The relevant links are as follows:

I hope to get a version that solves the above two problems at the same time and does not rely on my platform environment is as follows:
**• Hardware Platform:JETSON XAVIER NX
**• DeepStream Version:5.0
**• JetPack Version:4.4 is open source project, we do not support it. Please implement by yourself.

This bug has been fixed. Please upgrade to the latest DeepStreamSDK version.

You may not fully understand what I mean.I hope to get one patch that doesn’t rely on addition, our products have been commercially applied, so we can’t update the SDK directly.