Newbie Q: How do I make GStreamer/Windows use nvenc/nvdec?

Hi, sorry, but I couldn’t find a way to build or download and use the nvenc/nvdec in my GStreamer on Windows 10, which I installed as “Full Installation”. Please kindly help. Thank you.

NVIDIA does not support gstreamer for NVDEC/NVENC on Windows 10. However, there may be third-party plugins available. For example, check this:

Note that NVIDIA neither endorses nor supports the plugins mentioned at the above link.


I’m also interest to use NVIDIA GStreamer HW accelerator for H264 enc/dec
but couldn’t find any way to directly download it.
So I’m also looking for away to produce it but preferred to download full gstreamer version.
Please let me know in case you find any site I can download GStreamer with such omxh264dec or nvh264enc, or VDPAU, or openMax, plugins.