NIM authentication issues

I am attempting to pull down the NIM image located at" (which will be called LINK from now on), but despite being logged in on docker and having a functional ngc config I get a 401 authorization required error. Here is a some sample output from my environment.
$ echo “$NGC_CLI_API_KEY” | docker login --username ‘$oauthtoken’ --password-stdin
Login Succeeded
$ docker run -it --rm --gpus all --shm-size=16GB -e NGC_CLI_API_KEY -v “$LOCAL_NIM_CACHE:/opt/nim/.cache” -u $(id -u) -p 8000:8000 LINK
Unable to find image ‘LINK’ locally
docker: Error response from daemon: Head “LINK”: unauthorized:

401 Authorization Required

401 Authorization Required

nginx/1.22.1 . See 'docker run --help'. $ ngc config current NGC_API_KEY is a deprecated environment variable. Please use NGC_CLI_API_KEY instead. +-------------+------------------------------------------------------------------------+----------------------+ | key | value | source | +-------------+------------------------------------------------------------------------+----------------------+ | apikey | ********************************************************************** | environment variable | | format_type | ascii | user settings | | org | | user settings | +-------------+------------------------------------------------------------------------+----------------------+ The key is is personal key generated on the ngc website. Any insight on other things that could be causing this error would be appreciated.

Hi @wisemanhs – Have you already signed up for an enterprise account? It’s different from the regular NGC account and you’ll need to have one in order to download the NIM container. If you go to NVIDIA NIM | llama3-70b and click the “Run Anywhere with NIM” button it’ll take you through the sign-up flow.

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Hi @neal.vaidya
The Run Anywhere with NIM button when clicked says “Your License Should be Active Momentarily”. How long does it usually take to get the access in your opinion?

hi @kartheek1 are you still waiting for the license activation? It should not take more than an hour or two