no element nvstreammux


I’m trying to run the deepstream sample app on a TX2, but it fails when creating source as it says no such element nvstreammux. I try looking with gst-inspect-1.0, which also says no such element or plugin. I tried from a fresh download of DS4.0, and followed the instructions in the developer guide.

On another machine (a Jetson Nano), I did the same steps but when I run gst-inspect-1.0 nvstreammux, the plugin information shows up. Checking the plugin details and filename location on the machine where the plugin isn’t found, I see the proper in the correct location.

Any ideas why the nvstreammux plugin isn’t found, even though the .so is in the correct location?


Actually just realized that using ssh -X was causing the issue as when I tried ssh without the X forwarding the deepstream plugins were all recognized.