"No Events Captured" - When using Nsight 2.2 analysis tool with vs2010

So I have been struggling with profiling my GPU program using Nsight + vs2010 + windows 7. I was never able to profile the GPU program that I want to optimize.

I have cuda sdk 4.2 installed on my Thinkpad W530 laptop, with Quadro K1000M NVIDIA graphics card. Then I installed Nsight 2.2, attempting to use it as a profiling tool. I configured the project to use vc90 toolset, according to the suggestions in this article: http://http.developer.nvidia.com/ParallelNsight/1.51/UserGuide/HTML/Configuring_a_VS2010_Project.html

Actually, I was able to profile a very simple CUDA application with my current setup. The project contains only one test.cu file and one “Add” kernel. When I try to use the same settings to profile a slightly bigger project, it always shows “There was 1 collection error encountered” >> “No events captured”…

The only difference between these two projects, I believe, are:

  1. CUDA device setting
    the bigger project uses “compute_20,sm_21” so that I could use atomicAdd function.
    the simple project uses “compute_10,sm_10”

  2. the place of main function.
    in the simple project that I can profile, main function is located in the only test.cu file
    however for the larger project, the main function is in main.cpp, and kernels are launched in other files.

I couldn’t find much useful info out on the web, please help. Thank you!


Are you filtering for a specific kernel name? Also, I would highly recommend installing Nsight 3.0 RC1.

Thanks for your suggestion. However, I tried both, 1) filter with specific kernel names 2)simply leave it blank. Neither works =(

Actually I first installed Nsight 3.0 RC1, but it didn’t work, same problem, so I switched back to 2.2 and thought it would be more reliable…

Mind showing me how your kernel is defined, and how you are launching it?