No HDMI signal after AGX Xavier restarts after sudo apt Update

I swiped jetpack4.5 on a custom carrier and everything was fine the first time I ran it, then I ran sudo apt update and lost HDMI output when I rebooted

log.txt (31.1 KB)

Did you run apt-get upgrade or just apt-get update? Please clarify this first. These two are different.

Sorry, I used apt-get upgrade

Please remove nvidia related source from the apt source list.
Otherwise it will install the default BSP to your custom board.

Thank you for your reply, but I would still like to know how this failure occurred and what SHOULD I do if I wish to update nVIDIA related resources?

First, you said “you are using as custom board” ,right?

Then, did you make any software change to make your board work?

The thing is, I am using a third-party customized carrier board, and it is unsure that if they will continue to provide firmware updates, the current firmware version of what they provide is JetPack 4.5.
I’m curious about whether we can figure out the necessary information to build the Board Support Package by checking the system image and flashing tool (which really looks like modified nvidia tools) that they provide.

Ok, make it easier to understand…

Generally, if this is a custom carrier board, no matter it is made by you or other vendors, it will use modified dtb or other customized software.

By default, “apt upgrade” includes our software. Which means when you run “apt get upgrade”, it will install the default BSP from NVIDIA to your board. This default BSP means the jetpack.
We won’t know the difference between your board and devkit. The apt just installs the software that could run over the devkit. That is why your board fails to work after “apt upgrade”.

The real solution here is you should contact with the vendor and check if their board would support new jetpack release. They should provide modified software based on new jetpack to you.

Also, they need to provide their own deb package but not rely on our server when doing apt upgrade.