No matching function for call to 'cv::cuda::CLAHE::apply(cv::gpu::GpuMat&, cv::gpu::GpuMat&)

Dear all,

I am using Jetson TX2.

My code works well on TK1, TX1 with official opencv release.
but when I changed it to TX2, I could not use gpu:: functions
from this post
they adviced o build from source. I foffowed this instruction
Current Opencv version 3.3.0.

I got this error message
“error: no matching function for call to ‘cv::cuda::CLAHE::apply(cv::gpu::GpuMat&, cv::gpu::GpuMat&)’
gpuclahe->apply(gpugray2, gpugray2_c);

here is some part of the deceleration
" cv::Ptrcuda::CLAHE gpuclahe = cuda::createCLAHE();
gpuclahe->apply(gpugray2, gpugray2_c);
gpuclahe->apply(gpugray1, gpugray1_c);
Please give me some advices. Thanks all


OpenCV4Tegra branch from official OpenCV-2.4.13.
Please build the vanilla version of OpenCV 2.4, or you will need to change your source code.
We have a script to lower the building effort:

Another solution is to wait for JetPack3.1 which contained a good opencv4tegra package, and it will be release soon.