No option for Ubuntu 22.10 in CUDA 12.2 download

I have been trying to set up my system for Deep Learning (powered by GPU). I use the latest Ubuntu 22.10 version on my system, and have Tensorflow 2.13.0 version installed, which is working fine on CPU.

I want to use GPU for my processes, however in the CUDA toolkit website, there is no option to download CUDA 12 for Ubuntu 22.10. The latest version of Ubuntu mentioned is 22.04.
What should I do now? I installed it previously and it did not support my system, and tensorflow couldn’t find any GPU drivers.
Also, in the tensorflow website (Build from source  |  TensorFlow), it says that tensorflow 2.13.0 supports only till CUDA 11.8 version, but I don’t know if this version of CUDA is supported by Ubuntu 22.10 or not. How should I setup my system with this?

Please refer to the installation steps from the below link if in case you are missing on anything

Also, we suggest you to use TRT NGC containers to avoid any system dependency related issues.