No StepIn Kernels in EmuDebug Mode with cufftPlan

I spotted some strange behaviour of the EmuDebug Mode.

When I run the template Project I can set Breakpoints inside the Kernel.

When I then add the lines

// CUFFT plan

    cufftHandle plan;

    cufftPlan1d(&plan, 10, CUFFT_DATA_C2C, 1);

at the beginning of main and adding the required include statements, I can no longer step in the kernel. Does anyone know why this happens?

edit: I found out that it is not the problem of the step into the kernel but the Method

CUDA_SAFE_CALL(…) which crashes. When I call the Methods directly, not using CUDA_SAFE_CALL(…) then it works. It still seems to be a strange behaviour to me.