Non homogeneous physics view. Control two different 7 dof robots at the same time using AriculationView apply_action

I am trying to control two different robots with the same link names and joint names but having different link properties and joint properties. Essentially the kinematic chain in both the robots in 7DOF but the robots themselves are different. For example, consider a franka and sawyer robot. When I try this, I get a non-homogeneous physics view error. Is it possible to send ArticulationAction to two different 7 DOF robots at the same time using an articulation view? My robots are actually custom imported from urdf files where joint and link names are intentionally kept the same for both the robots.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @rthaker thanks for the response.
If I use different views then control actions are applied in series and I will not be able to apply actions in parallel thus constraining the scalability. Is there any hack to make it work with a single ArticulationView?

Or is there a way to apply actions on two different articulation views in parallel?

Thanks for your reply.

Hi @parth4 - I provided the wrong response earlier, apologies for that. I have forwarded your question to the right PIC who will respond back to you with correct response.

Hi @prath4
ArticulationView class is in fact designed to handle commands to a batch of robots. However, the robots should have the same type and kinematic tree structures. In this case you should create two views but you can batch similar robots together inside those views. That is the main parallelization mechanism employed at the moment. Anyway, if you have only one instance of each robot there isn’t going to be much performance improvement when using ArticulationView.


Hi @Milad-Rakhsha thanks for the clarification. I realized that after a few experiments with articulation views. Although it would be awesome to have such capabilities in future releases on IsaacSim.

Thanks for your response @Milad-Rakhsha @rthaker