non-interactive installation of NVIDIA software

Is there a way to install cudatoolkit non-interactively on Linux, e.g.,

Enter install path (default /usr/local/cuda, ‘/cuda’ will be appended): << #can I specify answer and pass to the script via parameters?
something like
echo “/usr/local/cuda” |./
which does not work though.

Generic solution for other NVIDIA software, e.g., driver, SDK?


Without having tried it:
[font=“Courier New”] echo “/usr/local\n” | ./[/font]
or, to choose the default answer for any question:
[font=“Courier New”] yes ‘’ | ./[/font]

Or access the contents of the archive directly using the [font=“Courier New”]–tar[/font] option.

I tried both. Neither works. A closer look shows that the installation script is calling ./ that may prompt user for input.

tera, could you be more specific on --tar option. I scan --usage, but did not find anything relevant to my case.


Doesn’t apply to RHEL, but ubuntu / debian:

DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get install -y cuda

For Silent(non-interactive) Installation from .run file you can refer to: