Not able to continue from feedback page in "Deploying a Model for Inference at Production Scale" course in DLI

Hi Team,

I’ve registered for “Deploying a Model for Inference at Production Scale” course in DLI.

Completed the “get started” video and went through few reference materials then I provided the feedback but not able to continue from Feedback page because Next button is disabled.

Please have a look.


Hello Team,


Could anyone please address my issue?


Hi @vinayakchamp117,

I have forwarded your issue to the DLI team. Someone should be reaching out to assist ASAP.


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Hi @vinayakchamp117 ,

The next button is disabled because that is the end of the course, but I wanted to confirm that you have been able to access the hands-on portion:

  1. Press Previous until you get to the Interactive Lab section
  2. Click Start and wait for your cloud GPU lab to deploy
  3. When the lab is ready, click Launch and work through the Jupyter notebook


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Thanks @justinb

I did not notice that interactive lab is loading earlier and can access the lab now.

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Hi @justinb

Kudos to the Nvidia team, I learnt a lot from this course.

I’ve completed the course but I see course status is still in progress, will it take a day to reflect?


Some of our courses offer certificates, and will show complete when you receive it. Otherwise, do not worry about the indicator. Our courses offer continuing access – so you can return to the course several times and review the material.

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