Not able to run Open Fabic nvm cli with Mellanox OFED stack


I can able to use nvme connect and nvme discovery cli with inbox OFED stack as per the below procedure.

The above document specifying with MLNX OFED 3.4.2 stack we can able to run NVME Over Open Farbrics (nvme cli).

For us the observations are like this.

  1. when I install NVME Over Farbrics kernel, I can able to run nvme cli as per above document

  2. After installing MLNX OFED stack 3.4.2 to run ibdump, the MLNX OFED stack removing existing rdma driver. it will inserts its own dummy rdma driver

  3. After this step if I run nvme cli, it is failing to execute.

I would like to take ibdump with nvme cli execution of Open Fabric.

Please help me on this.

Not sure I understand what you mean by “… it will inserts its own dummy rdma driver”

Mellanox OFED derives from Open fabric and the rdma modules within Mellanox OFEd package are aligned with the standard RDMA

I also assume you have installed mlnx_ofed v3.4.2 using the pre-required --add-kernel-support flag

However if you use NVMEoF with mlnx_ofed you need to ensure that your Linux kernel version is 4.8.x , other wise NVMEoF is not supported

Have you ensured that RDMA layer is configured properly and that it is running?

this is mandatory to implement and test before running nvme-cli. (use tests such as ib_send_bw,ib_write_bw)

Make sure the Mellanox adapter is on the top of the latest fw

In case above is implemented and problem persist, suggesting to approach mellanox support and open a support ticket for further assistance