Not getting display on nVidia tesla C870 i.e nboby not getting dispaly of nbody or others

I have nVidia Tesla C870
Card on Intel® Xeon® CPU E5420 Machine , memory is around 8 GB and
Operating System is RHEL-5 .

Addon Display Card (not onBoard )=>
VGA compatible controller : Matrox Graphics, Inc. MGA G400/G450 (ad don
) .

I have installed NVIDIA_linux-x86_64 , NVIDIA_CUDA_toolkit and

I am able to run matrix-matrix multiplication , vector -vector
addition , other computational problems (except graphics) and getting
correct result , but when running graphics display related programs like
nbody simulation , particle and others (from nVidia given examples only)
it’s not displaying , and error comes like …

[chitranjan@tesla nbody]$ make
[chitranjan@tesla nbody]$ …/…/bin/linux/release/nbody
Run “nbody -benchmark -n=” to measure perfomance.

freeglut (…/…/bin/linux/release/nbody): failed to open display ‘’

Actually I wanted to resolve this problem as soon as possible , so reply
me .

Possible that the nbody simualtion requires display to be on an NVIDIA card – just a wild guess…

but atleast in windows, I know that you can’t have multiple graphics drivers loaded and hence your add-on card needs to be driven by the same NVIDA CUDA driver.

OpenGL interop calls (which is what nbody and other demos that have a display use) must use an NVIDIA display device, and I’m fairly sure it has to be CUDA capable as well.

Sarnath, only Vista is incapable of loading multiple display drivers. XP will (theoretically) do that without a problem.

I thought that was just the other way around. At least I do not recall anybody reporting here that XP worked with 2 different GFX drivers.

no, XP definitely does work with drivers from different vendors. Vista specifically disallows that.

Damn, today is the day to learn things ;)
Vista really looks worse and worse to me…

Don’t worry, under XP combining ATI and NVidia drivers will give you endless pain, too. At least I could not use any 3D or the ATI control panel until I uninstalled the NVidia drivers (just removing the NVidia card did not help).

Admittedly I was using XP 64 though, and I tend to have exceptionally bad luck with drivers.

Under Linux it works not much better with the binary drivers either.

Right now I have again installed nvidia driver and other stuff needed . and then trying to solve my problem by following different people suggetions but I am unable to solve ,so please any one help me

=> Can you write me step by step command on linux starting from nvidia driver to run a graphics program on RHEL-5 (specs. mentioned above) ,so that I can display nbody ,particles or other graphics related programs .

Thanks In Advance .

May b, a very naive question to ask:

Are you running “X-Windows” ??

Why I ask is this because when the sytem says “Unable to open display…” – it usually means that it was not able to open the display information stored in “DISPLAY” environment variable.
When you run X-windows, this must actually be set and you should not be getting errors like this…