nppi Resize vs Ippi Resize

Hi ,

As part of CPU implementation, we are using ippiResizeCubic with B and C parameters as 0 and 0.5.
I am trying ta achieve the same results by using nppiResizeSqrPixel_16u_C1R and interpolation method as NPPI_INTER_CUBIC.

However when i compare image resulting from ippi and nppi, i see huge differences between the images.
Max difference value goes to 65 .

SRC image is 219 X 267
Dest image is 3504 X 4272
nXFactor, nYFactor = 16

NPPI Code snippet is as follows :

NppiRect oDstImageROI;
NppiInterpolationMode eInterploationMode = NPPI_INTER_CUBIC;
NppiSize srcSize = {(imw / _shrink_factor),(imh / _shrink_factor)};
NppiSize destSize = {imw,imh};
NppiRect srcROIRect = {0,0,(imw / _shrink_factor),(imh / _shrink_factor)};

NPP_CHECK_NPP(nppiGetResizeRect(srcROIRect, &oDstImageROI,
0, 0, eInterploationMode));

NPP_CHECK_NPP(nppiResizeSqrPixel_16u_C1R(( Npp16u *)devInputImage, srcSize, pitch, srcROIRect,( Npp16u *)devOutputImage, destPitch, oDstImageROI , nXFactor,nYFactor,0, 0, eInterploationMode));

I want to match 100% with ippiResizeCubic result . Please let me know if I am missing something.

Thanks !