Nsight Compute cannot get the right detail page

Hello, I am first using the Nsight Compute. I get some error and yellow exclamation marks. What the happen?

Thank you in advance for your help

The warning icons indicate a fairly severe error when trying to profile your CUDA kernel, i.e. none of the requested metrics in this section were collected. From the screenshot, it appears you are using a quite old version of the tool. Since Nsight Compute is backwards-compatible with older drivers and CUDA toolkit versions, my first suggestion is to install the latest tool version, 2021.3.1 and check if that already solves the problem.

If not, please provide the new output from that version. It can also be useful to try collecting the data using the ncu command line interface as sometimes error are more obvious in command line output. Also, let us know the display driver and CUDA toolkit versions you are using.