When I use Nsight Compute from my mac to connect the linux target project, it returns the err(when I choose Run to Next Kernel option):
[b]ERR_NVGPUCTRPERM - The user does not have permission to access NVIDIA GPU Performance Counters on the target device. For instructions on enabling permissions and to get more information see https://developer.nvidia.com/ERR_NVGPUCTRPERM.[/b]

The target environment is ubuntu16.04 with cuda10.1 driver 418.67.

I have tried to solve this problem by setting NVreg_RestrictProfilingToAdminUsers=0 in ubuntu following the official guidelines, however, it doesn’t work. Then I try to use sudo setcap cap_sys_admin+ep hello(executable file) command, still, Nisight Compute becomes wired…
Process launched
Trying to connect to process…
Trying to connect to process on host: IP …
Process exited (0).

I could not connect the target project, however when I use nvprof at the command line, it works fine. How could I actually use Nsight Compute to profiling the cuda kernel in remote ubuntu project?

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