Nsight Graphics 2019.4 is now available!

NVIDIA® Nsight™ Graphics 2019.4 is now available.

NVIDIA Nsight Graphics 2019.4 is now available for download! Version 2019.4 includes the following enhancements and bug fixes:

Feature Enhancement: GPU Trace

  • Execute Command List visualization has been added to the actions row
  • Resource barriers have been added to the synchronization row and a new overlay to help users correlate resource barriers to work regimes
  • Added the ability to zoom to single- and multi-selection with the “Zoom to Selection” button
  • Feature Enhancement: Range Profiler

  • OpenGL support has been added for Turing based GPU targets
  • Feature Enhancement: Acceleration Structure Viewer

  • NVIDIA VKRay acceleration structures can now be viewed when analyzing ray tracing applications on Linux host
  • New Support: OpenGL 4.6

  • OpenGL 4.6 is now supported in Frame Debugging, C++ Capture, and Frame Profiling activities
  • New Support: Windows 10 19H1 Update

  • Support for applications using Variable Rate Shading APIs – ID3D12GraphicsCommandList5::RSSetShadingRate and ID3D12GraphicsCommandList5::RSSetShadingRateImage
  • Feature Enhancement: HUD

  • Incompatible Capture UX – added the ability to accept a notification and proceed at the user’s own risk from the HUD when an incompatible capture is detected
  • Feature Enhancement: API Inspector

  • Meshlet pipeline stages have been added to the D3D12 API Inspector
  • New Support: Multi-View Rendering

  • Multi-View Rendering support has been added
  • New Support: OpenGL Extensions

  • GL_OVR_multiview and GL_OVR_multiview_multisampled_render_to_texture
  • New Support: Vulkan Extensions

  • Ycbcr format Extensions – VkSamplerYcbcrConversion
  • New Support: OpenGL Immediate Mode

  • Basic support for immediate mode has been added for the most common use cases
  • Improved:

  • Improved Frame Debugger capture and interception performance
  • Removed:

  • Removed real-time performance graphs on the HUD in favor of the more detailed, persistent graphs provided by the GPU Trace activity.
  • Removed shader performance statistics. The statistics were not supported for modern architectures. We will support a more robust means of getting this information in a future release.
  • Release Spotlight Video:

    Download Nsight Graphics 2019.4 here: https://developer.nvidia.com/gameworksdownload#?dn=nvidia-nsight-graphics-2019-4