Nsight Visual Studio Code Edition 2022.1 is now available!

New in NVIDIA Nsight Visual Studio Code Edition 2022.1


  • Attach to a running CUDA process It is now possible to attach to a CUDA application that is already running. It is also possible to detach from the application before letting it run to completion. When attached, all the usual features of the debugger are available to the user, as if the application had been launched from the debugger. This feature is also supported with applications using Dynamic Parallelism.
  • Additional Launch Settings
    • envFile
      Path to a file containing environment variables to set for the debuggee process. Each line is formatted as either:
      • KEY=VALUE
      • unset KEY (used to unset the environment variable)
    • InitCommands
      Provide an array of cuda-gdb commands to run before debugging is started.
    • stopAtEntry
      If true, the debugger should stop at the entry points of the debuggee.
    • cwd
      current working directory for debuggee.
  • Security Updates
    We’ve updated the VSCode npm packages to the latest versions to address known vulnerabilities.

Intended for Use With

  • CUDA Debugger
    See cuda-gdb release notes in the NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit 11.6 Update 2.
  • IDE Host
    Microsoft Visual Studio Code 1.56.0 (and later)
  • Toolkit
    NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit 11.6 Update 2 (and later)
  • Driver
    NVIDIA 510.47.03 (and later)

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  • Have Questions?
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  • CUDA Toolkit : Install the CUDA Toolkit to get important tools for CUDA application development including the NVCC compiler driver and cuda-gdb , the NVIDIA tool for debugging CUDA.
  • Microsoft vscode-cpptools : Install Microsoft’s C/C++ for Visual Studio Code to get Intellisense support for CUDA C++ code. Nsight VS Code Edition will automatically install this extension.

Quick Start

Open or create a new CUDA application.

Create a launch configuration .

Create launch configuration
Create launch configuration833×604 256 KB

Start debugging!

Start debugging
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