The wait is over. Nsight Visual Studio Code Edition 2021.1 is now available!

The wait is over. Nsight Visual Studio Code Edition 2021.1 is now available!

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What is Nsight VSCE?

Nsight Visual Studio Code Edition is an extension for Visual Studio Code that provides support for CUDA development, including features such as Intellisense, debugging, debugger views, and productivity enhancements.


  • Higher Productivity
    Using smart CUDA auto-code completion features improves the overall development experience and enables users to save time and effort when writing code.
  • Interactivity
    Debugging with Nsight Visual Studio Code Edition provides diverse benefits, including code formatting, easy navigation through source code, displaying and interacting with different source files, building executables, and testing.
  • Remote Development Support
    Nsight Visual Studio Code Edition enables developers to implement CUDA code in various cluster environments such as Virtual Machines or remote Docker containers. It also supports code development for Linux systems via the Remote – WSL extension.
  • Free
    As with other Nsight tools from NVIDIA, Nsight Visual Studio Code Edition is offered free of charge. We love it when your code works better and is delivered sooner. Enjoy!

Key Features

  • CUDA Syntax Highlighting for Code Development and Debugging
    Edit code productively with syntax highlighting and IntelliSense for CUDA code. Auto-completion, go to definition, find references, rename symbols, and more all seamlessly work for kernel functions the same as they do for C++ functions.
  • CUDA Kernel Breakpoint Support and Kernel Execution Control
    Break into a debugging session in CPU or GPU device code using standard breakpoints, including support for conditional breakpoints with expression evaluation. GUI controls allow you to step over, into, or out of statements in the source code, just like normal CPU debugging. Breakpoints are evaluated for every kernel thread and will halt execution when any thread encounters them.
  • GPU and Kernel State Inspection
    Break into the debugger to see all the detailed information at any point in the application with GPU debugging support for register, variable, and call-stack. There is watchlist support to add specific variables of interest for tracking. Additionally, there are focus controls to manually select streaming multiprocessor (SM), warp, and lane numbers to switch the debugger focus.

Want to know more?


  • Have a feature request or enhancement suggestion?
    Provide feedback. Note that we may not get back to you on these, but will review these entries periodically as we plan our next releases.
  • Have Questions?
    Visit the Nsight VSCE Forum. Our experts and the Nsight VSCE community will be there for you.


  • CUDA Toolkit : Install the CUDA Toolkit to get important tools for CUDA application development including the NVCC compiler driver and cuda-gdb, the NVIDIA tool for debugging CUDA.
  • Microsoft vscode-cpptools : Install Microsoft’s C/C++ for Visual Studio Code to get Intellisense support for CUDA C++ code. Nsight VS Code Edition will automatically install this extension.

Quick Start

Open or create a new CUDA application.

Create a launch configuration.

Start debugging!