Nsight Visual Studio for Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition

I installed CUDA toolkit and NSight for Visual Studio 2019. I trying to debug a c++ file from a learnopengl(.com) project (4.advanced_opengl__9.1.geometry_shader_houses). So the Visual Studio Project has to be built with Cmake for vs2019 or it doesn’t build. So I have in Visual Studio under the Extensions menu item Nsight which I can now start a CUDA debugging session. I placed a breakpoint by opening the geometry shader and setting one inside main() of the .gs file. The debugging session does start however there seems to be a warning that states that “symbols are not loaded for the file”. Is there some way to get the breakpoint to come on so I can open some watches on some .gs file variables?

(My card is a Nvidea GTX 1060 I do have some type of drivers installed to that effect showing in Device Manager.)

Thank you for using Nsight Visual Studio Edition. I’m going to move your question to the Nsight Visual Studio Edition Forum since your question is about its use.

We noticed that it seems you may be trying to debug an OpenGL application. If that is the case you should use the standalone version of Nsight Graphics and you can find the latest version here.