Nsys CLI error in WSL2:No GPU associated to the given UUID

Hi, I try to use nsys CLI on the WSL2(ubuntu 22.04 + cuda 11.8 + host driver 536.25),but when i try to profile a python file containing hugging face transformer calling cuda.

Errors come below:

(transformer) ubuntu@D3211230-IGU:/tmp/fdy$ nsys profile -w true -t cuda,nvtx,osrt,cudnn,cublas -s cpu  --cudabacktrace=true -x true -o my_profile python ./test.py 


Generating '/tmp/nsys-report-d595.qdstrm'
FATAL ERROR: /build/agent/work/323cb361ab84164c/QuadD/Common/GpuTraits/Src/GpuTicksConverter.cpp(376): Throw in function QuadDCommon::TimestampType GpuTraits::GpuTicksConverter::ConvertToCpuTime(const QuadDCommon::Uuid&, uint64_t&) const
Dynamic exception type: boost::wrapexcept<QuadDCommon::NotFoundException>
std::exception::what: NotFoundException
[QuadDCommon::tag_message*] = No GPU associated to the given UUID

and my nsys version in WSL2 is:

(transformer) ubuntu@D3211230-IGU:/tmp/fdy$ nsys -v
NVIDIA Nsight Systems version 2022.4.2.1-df9881f

Could you help me? how to use nsys correctly in WSL2 or it’s unsupported?

@jasoncohen, could you please respond to this.

I download the latest version of Nsight Systems manually:

NVIDIA Nsight Systems version 2023.2.1.122-32598524v0

then it works. BUT it’s still a unresonable mistake that I installed Nsight before through the CUDA runfile by following the download command below:

wget https://developer.download.nvidia.com/compute/cuda/11.8.0/local_installers/cuda_11.8.0_520.61.05_linux.run
sudo sh cuda_11.8.0_520.61.05_linux.run

the shipped Nsight in runfile is 2022.4.2.1-df9881f,and it DOESN’T work.
Holp you guys can fix this bug. appreciate!

@hwilper I fix this bug by downloading the latest version of Nsight manually.
however it should be a bug in WSL2 CUDA runfile which shipped the unsupported Nsight version.
Please check these potential mistakes, maybe wrong on some other platforms or versions.
Thanks for your reply

Will do, and thank you for reporting back with this.