numactl missing symbol with PGI10

With PGI9, numactl works fine.

However, with PGI10, we are getting:
numactl: symbol lookup error: numactl: undefined symbol: numa_all_nodes

Any ideas?

By the way, to reproduce, using PGI10, simply type
at the command line.

Hi haferman,

The PGI OpenMP runtime libraries use the Linux NUMA library to facilitate core binding. However, libnuma isn’t available on all systems so during installation, the installer attempts to locate the NUMA library. If it doesn’t find it, the installer installs a dummy libpgnuma library and creates a link to libnuma in the PGI library directories.

What’s most likely has happened in your case, is that the installer was not able to find you system’s libnuma, and has installed this dummy library. Also, your LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set to the PGI libso directory. When numactl loads, it’s trying to resolve to this dummy library.

The simple work around is to remove the ‘libnuma’ links found in the PGI lib and libso directories.

I’d like to understand why the installer failed to find the system library. What OS are you using? Where is your system’s located?

Hope this helps,

Yes, this helps. There is a libnuma available in /usr/lib and /usr/lib64. I did not do the PGI10 install, so I’m not sure why these where not found during the install. But you have provided enough info so that we should be able to get this fixed.

Thank you.