Number of simultaneous HD or SD streams that run on Quadro K6000, P4000 series

We need GPU cards to take care of encoding/decoding HD (1080) and SD MPEG 4 streams and also transcoding/transrating.

Q1) I got some table of M60, K80 on number of streams that it can decode - ex M60 - 32 streams, but i dont know what is meant by 64 members can do desktop virtualization,

Q2) where can i find information on number of streams that a Quadro series like K6000 with 12 GB OR P4000 with 3 GB memory can handle? any benchmark/testing results

Q3) I Don’t need deep learning, multiple monitors, so Nvidia does not have any GPU just for video encoding/decoding/transcoding, so cost will be less

I had raised in support, but they told to put in developer forum
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