NvAPI_D3D1x_DisableShaderDiskCache doesn't work on D3D12

NvAPI_D3D1x_DisableShaderDiskCache doesn’t seem to work on D3D12.


	auto const nvApiResult = NvAPI_Initialize();
	if (nvApiResult == NVAPI_OK)
		auto const diskCacheResult = NvAPI_D3D1x_DisableShaderDiskCache(gs_pDevice12);
		if (diskCacheResult != NVAPI_OK)
			printf("NvAPI_D3D1x_DisableShaderDiskCache failed with error code %d", diskCacheResult);


NvAPI_D3D1x_DisableShaderDiskCache failed with error code fffffffb

Dear @svasilyev

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We have sent your query to the respective team for details and we will get back to you on same.

NVAPI Forum Moderator

Dear @svasilyev ,

Our development team has acknowledged the failure and are tracking the same for a future release. We will update here once the issue is fixed in a future driver build.

Thank you.
NVAPI Forum Moderator