NvAPI_GPU_SetScanoutWarping returned NVAPI_ACCESS_DENIED

Hi. Usually NVAPI and its functions (like NvAPI_GPU_SetScanoutWarping) work perfectly well but unfortunately, sometimes, calls to these functions will instead error out stating NVAPI_ACCESS_DENIED. This seems to happen completely randomly and I have not found a way to reproduce this error without it just popping up on its own. To get NVAPI to work again, I have to either fully disable Mosaic Mode and reenable it or restart my machine if the former didn’t work. I use RTX A4000s and have tried many graphics driver versions from 470.xx to 512.xx. All have at some point returned this error. What could be causing NvAPI to throw this ACCESS_DENIED and refuse to work? What can I try to get consistent working behavior from NvAPI? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Dear @sasha4

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We have sent your query to the respective team for details and we will get back to you on same.

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Dear @sasha4

I have got a response from the development team. We request you to open a new ticket so that the technical team can directly follow up with you on the reported issue.
Please refer to the section ‘ASK US A QUESTION’ on the page NVIDIA Customer Support Resources for opening the ticket. Please mention “Redirected from the NVAPI developer forum” and also provide the link to query on the NVAPI forum while filing the support ticket.
Once you file a ticket and post the link here, I’ll explicitly pass it on to the team.

Thank you.
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Hi. I created the ticket. Its reference number is #220502-000257

Thank you @sasha4 . I have explicitly forwarded your ticket number to the concerned team.